photographic documentation of how i got a school assignment tattooed:

step one was of course the design itself (see above). it’s inspired by the traditional coat of arms design but much awesomer because … boobies!

i knew right away that i needed this done on my belly. beer gut tats are the best. also: if i get pregnant all four of my tits will grow.

for the exhibition i initially intended to present it in person. due to lack of stamina, i didnt.

the pic above shows my darling photographing assistant trying to smile for the camera. he is just the sweetest, most cheerful creature

how much awesomer can firends get to help me to set up teh exhibition – zomg. they is teh best. lol.

when i was finished the photo looked bester on teh well then on teh floor. i like it with my soul. das kunst ist gut- seir gut

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